OCIEngine PRO acetone

Miniaturized infrared spectroscopy sensors dedicated to acetone gas measurement.

What is it?

OCIEngine is an infrared spectrometer that measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air. It is specific to analyse a molecule of interest, such as acetone.


The measuring chamber of the sensor is crossed by infrared radiation. When the air is introduced into this chamber, the molecules of interest absorb a part of the radiation, which reduces the intensity of the optical signal. The concentration of the gas can therefore be deduced according to the Beer-Lambert’s physical law.

NDIR Acetone Sensor

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Technical specifications

Unit of measurement ppm
Measurement range From 0 to 2000 ppm
Repeatability (3σ) 0.5% Full Scale+ 1% reading
Linearity error 1% reading
Long term drift (span) 1% reading
Pressure effect 0.05% reading /mbar
Temperature effect 0.1% reading / K
Detection limit (3σ) 0.5% full scale
Cross sensitivity Consult manufacturer
Sampling period 125ms
Response time 1s (τ=63%), at a flow rate of 1 L/min
Pressure range Minimal relative pressure at measuring cell inlet port: 0.3 millibars Maximal relative pressure at measuring cell inlet port: 10 millibars
Flow rate range From 0,1 to 1,5 L/min
Supply voltage 3,7 VDC min – 5,5 VDC max
Input current 1,5 A max
Communication interface RS232 protocol x3 Pico-SPOX MOLEX connector (2, 3 and 5 contacts)
Operating conditions – Temperature From 0°C to 50°C
Operating conditions – Humidity < 100% relative humidity (RH), not condensing
Storage conditions – Temperature -10°C to +70°C
Typical starting time at 23°C 5 minutes (30 minutes at full spec)
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Dimensions 125 x 30 x 22 mm
Weight 20g
Fixing parts 2 tapped holes for M3 fixing

Sensor architecture

Mechanical drawings

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