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OCIGO is a new generation of Alcohol Breathalyzer. By combining the precision of an infrared spectroscopic measurement with powerful algorithms, we offer you a reliable and precise technology.

Detection of alcohol by infrared spectroscopy is the gold standard and used by professionals and law enforcement.
Years of R & D were invested in developing and miniaturizing the infrared spectrometry technology to integrate it into a small and elegant design, easy to carry and use.

It is a non-invasive method (as opposed to taking blood) that can guarantee accurate and reliable results of alcohol concentration. By offering you autonomy and independence, we want to accompany you every day wherever you are to make your safety our priority.

Thanks to our patented technology, we are able to offer a precise, reliable and professional measure.

Mobile App gives you access many features such as your past history, if you are above the legal limit and when you’ll return to 0.00%.

No more nasty surprises, OCIGO helps you make the right decisions.

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