Travel in complete serenity with OCIGO breathalyzer as you are able to comply with the legal regulations of the country you are living in or visiting.  Indeed, each European country* has specific regulations related to alcohol consumption. Whether you’re in France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Norway, take advantage of the many configurations available to adapt the languages and alcohol legal limits.

Moreover, OCIGO caters to all types of drivers, from novice to professional, you can choose your driver category which is correlated to the alcohol consumption and driving legal limit, knowing that it is different from one country to another.

Personalize your OCIGO in 5 easy steps

Once you have downloaded the App from Google Play or from the AppStore, and launched it, follow the 5 easy and quick steps to set up and personalize your OCIGO.

  • Step One: Enter your name to customize the App
  • Step Two: Choose your driver category. In some countries, specific regulations are in place for novice, experienced and professional drivers (transport of people or goods).
  • Step Three: Select your preferred language which will be applied for both OCIGO and its Application. A choice of 5 languages is available: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.
  • Step Four: Select the country you are in to enable the applicable alcohol legal limit. This parameter is also related to the chosen driver category and will determine the permitted limit of the alcohol level in the chosen country.
  • Step Five: Choose the unit of measurement that is right for you. OCIGO will give you your test results in the chosen unit. Choose from 14 units of measurement used across Europe, whether in the blood (BAC – g/L, mg/mL, %BAC, mg/100mL, mg, g/kg, mg/g, ‘[w/v], ‘[w/w]) or in exhaled air (BrAC – mg/L, g/L, g/100mL, g%, g/210L).

For more information on BAC and BrAC and how to choose your unit of measurement, click here.

That’s it, you are done personalizing you OCIGO! Now, you never have to guess your alcohol level anymore, with OCIGO you’ll know for sure and you’ll travel with serenity ensuring your safety and that of others wherever you are in Europe. Whether you are traveling or just out with friends, OCIGO is your peace of minded safety companion.

*Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdoms (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales), Ireland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg Estonia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria Denmark, Latvia, Netherlands, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Malta and Greece

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