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Miniaturised infrared spectroscopy sensor for ambient air: The miniature infrared spectroscopy sensor for ambient air embodies the cutting edge of French engineering, reflecting the culmination of years of pioneering research and development by Olythe.


This work has led to the creation of OCISense, an exceptional sensor that stands out for its compacity and its ability to be easily integrated. Based on state-of-the-art non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, OCISense embodies Olythe’s commitment to providing unrivalled accuracy and reliability in sensor technology for ambient air analysis.



Harnessing the power of infrared spectroscopy for air analysis

Years of research and development have gone into perfecting, adapting and miniaturising infrared spectroscopy technology to meet the demands of individual safety and the optimisation of industrial processes. At Olythe, this expertise has been used to design a compact and robust solution for the analysis of ambient air and industrial processes. Our advanced infrared spectrometer delivers unrivalled accuracy and reliability in the detection of gases, providing essential information to ensure human safety and maximise process efficiency.

OCISense uses state-of-the-art infrared technology to detect and quantify VOCs in the atmosphere and industrial operations. Our sensor’s measurement cuvette exposes the sample to infrared radiation, focusing on the analysis of the molecules of interest. The absorption of this radiation by the molecules results in a weakening of the optical signal, according to Beer-Lambert’s law. This precise process guarantees reliable measurements of gas concentration, providing data that can be used to ensure personal safety and optimise industrial processes.

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NDIR technology in gas sensing

NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) technology in gas sensing relies on measuring the absorption of infrared radiation by gases.

It works by passing infrared light through a sample chamber containing the gas of interest. The gas absorbs specific wavelengths of infrared light, and the amount of absorption is proportional to the gas concentration.

By analyzing the remaining infrared light after it passes through the chamber, NDIR sensors can accurately determine the concentration of the target gas.

This method is highly effective for detecting gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrocarbons in various applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial safety, and indoor air quality assessment.

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Mastery of production and manufacturing

All of our sensors are manufactured entirely in France in our own production unit. This allows us to have total control over our know-how.


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