The first laughing gas breathalyzer

Discover the first exhaled air analyzer dedicated to the analysis of nitrous oxide in breath!

An effective preventive solution against the risks related to excessive laughing gas consumption.

Faced with the growing nitrous oxide (N2O) consumption, particularly among young people, we have developed a proactive and innovative response. OCIN2O is an exhaled air analyzer dedicated to the precise measurement of N2O, offering a new approach to countering the risks associated with excessive consumption.

Designed for prevention professionals, clinical cases and law enforcements, the OCIN2O is an essential tool in the accurate monitoring of N2O. Thanks to its sensor based on infrared spectroscopy technology, this revolutionary device enables regulators and health professionals to proactively tackle this growing problem.

OCIN2O goes beyond simple measurement, offering immediate and reliable analysis of N2O concentration in exhaled air. Portable and user-friendly, it is an essential tool in managing the risks related to nitrous oxide consumption, providing a complete solution for preventing the consequences of recreational use of laughing gas. As an indispensable partner, OCIN2O also provides essential information for medical breath analysis.

In the workplace

In the professionnal field, our analyzer is essential for ensuring employee safety, particularly in high-risk areas where the use of narcotics or other noxioussubstances is strictly prohibited. Thanks to precise monitoring of N2O concentrations in exhaled air, it ensures proactive detection, helping to maintain safe working environments.

For law enforcement officers

For law enforcement, our analyzer is an indispensable asset for detecting and monitoring N2O levels during law enforcement operations. Its enhanced portability enables use in the field, helping to reinforce safety protocols and minimize the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure.

In the health sector

In the health field, it is proving to be an essential companion for healthcare professionals, offering real-time monitoring of laughing gas concentrations during medical procedures. Its intuitive interface and advanced features make it the tool of choice for ensuring patient safety.

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