Infrared Spectroscopy Technology Mastery

Years of R & D were invested in developing, mastering, adapting and miniaturizing the infrared spectrometry technology to integrate it into a small and elegant design, easy to carry and use, making this ultra precise technology used by law enforcement accessible to all. Olythe’s Infrared Spectrometry Technology is called OCIEngine and is considered to be the most reliable and accurate of all the alcohol monitoring technologies available on the market today.

Peak Performance Measurements

OCIGO passed all the tests and environmental tests corresponding to the standard NF EN 16280.
Realized by the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing (LNE), the requirement of this standard certifies the quality of manufacture and results of the breathalyzer for consumers.

Mastery of production and manufacturing

Offering an original design and an ergonomic grip designed for all users, all OCIGO breathalyzers are assembled and manufactured entirely in France in our own production unit.