A New Generation of Alcohol Breathalyzer

Measure your alcohol level in seconds

Unrivaled reliability and accuracy

  • Compliant with the requirements of the NF EN16280 standards
  • Law-Enforcement technology accessible to all

Quality and accuracy compliant with
NF EN 16280 – Mesuring tool

Simplicity, reliability and accuracy

Turn on OCIGO, insert a mouthpiece, blow in steadily and … in a few seconds you will get your BAC results !

Accurate alcohol measurement

Thanks to its infrared measuring system OCIEngine, OCIGO brings you maximum precision and reliability whenever you need it.

OCIGO and its App help you make better decision while drinking.

When drinking alcohol, there is more often than not, a difference between what you think your BAC is and how impaired you actually are

Help and advices

OCIGO takes the guess work out of it by giving you a precise measure of your BAC and lets you know quickly if you are below or above the legal limit and when your BAC will return to 0.00%, therefore empowering you to make better decisions.

Stand-Alone Mode to instantly measure your alcohol level

Immediately check your result on the built-in OLED screen.
Perform over 100 successive tests thanks to OCIGO’s high-capacity rechargeable battery.

Light, practical and economical

25 × 25 × 185 mm


Small size

OCIGO’s team has worked diligently to provide you with an elegant and compact design that enables you to keep your OCIGO in your glove compartment and still and still have plenty of room left in it !

3 tips

860 mAh battery

Economic and ecological

Supplied with 3 cleanable and reusable mouthpieces ensuring unlimited use.

Rechargeable via micro USB

The freedom to recharge your OCIGO anywhere, anytime (Car, computer etc.)

Ocigo is compliant with the most stringent European standards

Tested by the French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing, OCIGO complies with the NF EN 16280 standard and European EC Directives, thus respecting the quality and reliability requirements for marketing in France and Europe.

Ocigo is available now – Get yours today !

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