Our teams are working daily to improve the performance of the OCIGO breathalyzer and its mobile application. Find below the list of new features that will make your user experience even better!

  • We have reduced the testing time.
  • We’ve added a countdown on the OCIGO screen when it starts up to let you know how long it will take until you would be able to perform a test.
  • We have also reduced the waiting time between tests.
  • A progress bar has been added to the mobile app interface for warming up and cleaning phases.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with phones has been improved to avoid unfortunate disconnections.

These new features allow you to find out your blood alcohol level even more quickly, so you can make the right decisions!

Each OCIGO is systematically updated during its annual calibration.

OCIGO, the new generation breathalyzer connected to its mobile application!

OCIGO is a connected breathalyzer, highly reliable and accurate thanks to its miniaturized and patented infrared spectroscopy technology. With OCIGO, measure your blood alcohol level in real time, wherever you are, and make the right decisions thanks to its dedicated application that predicts the time it will take to get back below the legal level and to zero.