Calibration of OCIGO

What is calibration?
Calibration is the process of analyzing and adjusting the internal components that allow the breathalyzer to measure alcohol levels correctly.

Why calibrate your device?
Like any measuring device, breathalyzers should be calibrated at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. Over time, when a breathalyzer is used, the sensor changes and the results of the alcohol analysis may become less accurate. Take the example of a clock, although you set the correct time, over time it may drift by a few minutes. The principle is the same for connected breathalyzers.

How to do it?
Concerning the calibration procedure, we have our own test bench which is in charge of sending several automated breaths according to a given flow rate and alcohol concentration level. The test bench is connected to a reference breathalyzer used by the law enforcement agencies which will allow to adjust the breathalyzer in case of drift.

The calibration ensures the durability of your device and guarantees the reliability of your measurements.

To proceed with the calibration of your device, you just have to :

  1. Download and complete the calibration form that will be provided to you after your purchase.
  2. Send the device (without accessories) with the completed calibration form to the address below:

RBI Sales Management
2514 Woods Drive
Victoria MN 55386

Your breathalyzer will be returned to you within approximately 10 days of shipment.

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