5 languages : OCIGO is conceived for all 

From Europe, to USA OCIGO is ready to serve you. Thanks to its 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian and German) you can easily choose the country you are in to check the effective legal rate. Whether you are on a road trip crossing many borders along the way, out with friends in your hometown or on a business trip, OCIGO will easily and quickly adapt to the applicable legislation enforced in whichever country you are in. Take the guess work out of your decision making and let OCIGO tell you in just 5 seconds if you can safely take the wheel again.

Do you know what are the alcohol legal limit across European countries?

No need to google it, travel in complete serenity with OCIGO as you are able to comply with the legal regulations of the country you are living in or visiting.  Indeed, each country has specific regulations related to alcohol consumption. Whether you’re in Germany, Italy, Spain, New Jersey or Scotland, take advantage of the many configurations available from languages to alcohol legal limits of each country or state, to personalize your OCIGO and obtain accurate, reliable and trustworthy results.

Moreover, OCIGO caters to all types of drivers, from novice to professional, you can choose your driver category which is correlated to the alcohol consumption and driving legal limit, which is different from one country to another.

14 units of measure to meet your personal needs

You can choose the unit of measurement that is right for you. OCIGO will give you your test results in the chosen unit. Choose from 14 units of measurement used across Europe, whether in Blood Alcohol Content (BAC – g/L, mg/mL, %BAC, mg/100mL, mg, g/kg, mg/g, ‘[w/v], ‘[w/w]) or in exhaled air Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC – mg/L, g/L, g/100mL, g%, g/210L).
If you need more information on BAC and BrAC and how to choose your unit of measurement, we explain all in this article.

The precision and reliable power of Infrared Spectroscopy technology at your fingertip.

OCIGO’s unique miniaturized and patented Infrared Spectroscopy technology makes this reliable and accurate technology affordable and accessible to all. In just 5 seconds OCIGO will tell you how much alcohol is in your exhaled air and its APP will predict the time you’ll get below the legal limit and back to zero; empowering you to make smart, educated and safe decisions. To better understand how it works, you can read our article.

OCIGO offers 3 driver categories for a more personalized and accurate experience

You can choose your driver category. In some countries, specific regulations are in place for novice, experienced and professional drivers (transportation of people or goods), therefore changing the alcohol legal limit.

False Positive Detection

This is a WORLD’S FIRST – this unprecedented feature has never been available for consumers before. OCIGO is the only electronic breathalyzer capable of detecting false positives, thus distinguishing residual alcohol in the mouth and that in the lungs. Other comparable breathalyzers do not make this very important distinction therefore delivering inaccurate results.

OCIGO is the ONLY breathalyzer delivering accurate and reliable test results you can trust, in a 4-digit display according to the various international units used for increased accuracy.

This feature is optional and can be turned on or off. It’s great to reassure parents of young and novice drivers, for business professionals to ensure the safety of their drivers, or for personal use. A time-stamped report can be sent via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp, with a photo and of course the result of the alcohol test. Ensuring the authenticity of test results has never been easier!

Make the right decisions at the right time and ensure your safety with accurate and reliable results with OCIGO.