The OCIGO application, available for Android and IOS, introduces its new feature: the automatic geolocation.

A convenient feature for travelers

Do you often travel to different countries and need to know the current legal alcohol levels? The OCIGO application, connected to your breathalyzer, detects your location* and automatically adapts the legal limit of the country in which you are located.

Automatic geolocation is active only when the application is open and does not continue in background when you close it.

*You need to activate the “local legal limit” feature in the settings of your OCIGO application. If you have already downloaded the application, please update it.

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Feature also available on the OCICorp application

The automatic geolocation is also available on the OCICorp professional application, which is practical for truckers and itinerant employees who are used to drive across multiple countries.
Do not waste any more time, activate the automatic geolocation in one click and let your manager know the legal limit in effect in the country you are passing through.

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OCIGO: the breathalyzer connected to its mobile application

OCIGO is a connected breathalyzer, highly reliable and accurate thanks to its miniaturized and patented infrared spectroscopy technology. With OCIGO, measure your alcohol level in real time, wherever you are and make the right decisions using its dedicated application that predicts the time to return below the legal limit and to zero.

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