The second generation of OCIGO is finally here and has been conceived by europeans for europeans.

From Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, to Austria and Sweden… OCIGO is ready to serve you in 30 European countries. Whether you are on a road trip crossing many borders along the way, out with friends in your hometown or on a business trip, OCIGO will easily and quickly adapt to the applicable legislation enforced in whichever country you are in. Take the guess work out of your decision making and let OCIGO tell you in just 5 seconds if you can safely take the wheel again.

How to personalize your OCIGO APP in five easy steps ?

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration and BrAC for Breath Alcohol Concentration
BAC results are obtained by taking a blood sample while BrAC results are obtained by taking a breath sample.

infrared spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy detection relies on an in-depth electronic analysis of the scope of a beam of infrared radiation passing through a breath sample to find the Alcohol concentration by identifying molecules based on how they absorb light. Using this technique, Spectrometers are able to measure the amount of alcohol present in the breath and display the results.