After the launch of OCIGO, the first connected breathalyzer capable of instantly measuring the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air and to indicate to the user when and if he can take the wheel, Olythe presents its version Business: OCIGO Pro. This complete solution enables professionals to manage and secure the movements of their vehicles in real time.

Securing a fleet of vehicles in real time

Track the alcohol consumption of all drivers, ensure that the driver is the one who breathes in the breathalyzer via selfie identification … it is finally possible, thanks to the application OCIGO Pro reserved for professionals. More than a control tool, this service offers a complete and secure management solution for all employee data.

Manage employee travel

OCIGO Pro est également un outil de reporting efficace grâce à l’historique des données consultables sur la plateforme OCIGO Pro. Le professionnel peut ainsi valider la capacité de chacun des chauffeurs à conduire en toute sécurité et manager à plus grande échelle.

Controlling risks

More than a prevention tool, OCIGO is able to indicate with precision when the user can take the wheel or work on the site. Best of all, the app gives him advice based on his condition for added security.

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