At CES 2020, the French company Olythe will unveil its OCIGO connected breathalyzer tailored to the American market. Featuring patented infrared technology previously available only to police department breathalyzers, OCIGO makes this reliable and accurate technology available to everyone. A few seconds’ breath is enough for the breathalyzer to show the user the level of alcohol present in the exhaled air, and predict the time at which he or she can legally drive again. This breathalyzer is suitable for both personal and business use.

. 4-digit accuracy & international units
. Geolocation-driven automatic adjustment to match local legal alcohol levels
. Detection of false positives by distinguishing between residual alcohol in the mouth and in the blood.
. Prediction of the time taken for the level to return to zero
. Option to send a report with photo attachment
. Vehicle fleet management & facial recognition modes

CES Unveiled Las Vegas, January 5, 2020 – Olythe unveils its reusable, connected, accurate and reliable breathalyzer built around a patented infrared technology previously available only to police departments. When the blood alcohol content measured exceeds the limit, the app tells the user how much time is left before he or she can drive legally again, and how long it will take before their blood alcohol content returns to zero. OCIGO uses its unique miniaturized and patented infrared technology to deliver the 4-figure accuracy essential in international markets. This functionality works in tandem with geolocation to enable OCIGO to adjust automatically to align with the national and/or state legislation, and flags up any change in legislation as borders are crossed. For business users, OCIGO offers an online platform that enables breath tests to be scheduled, made randomly or on demand, thereby meeting the demanding requirements of automobile fleets, including automated reporting, facial recognition and on-demand tests. And since road safety knows no borders, OCIGO is now ready to cross the Atlantic!

Olythe offers a new way of saving many
lives on our roads: OCIGO, a new-generation, patented and connected
breathalyzer. OCIGO provides instant measurement of breath sample alcohol
content. Much more than simply a checking device, OCIGO is a preventive
solution. The OCIGO breathalyzer app is able to advise the user at what time he
or she will be able to drive legally again.

An app that meets the needs of business users and saves lives
The OCIGO app has the ability to provide an accurate indication of the time at which the user will be able to drive safely again. The app indicates when the user’s blood alcohol level will return to 0. Better still, it increases safety even further by providing advice based on the user’s blood alcohol level. Thanks to geolocation, OCIGO automatically adapts to the legislations of different countries/states. No more searching for hours to find the permitted blood alcohol levels in different countries or even the individual states of the USA, for example.

OCIGO goes the extra mile to offer a new level of functionality for companies. Vehicle fleet managers can generate tests randomly or on demand, and receive geolocated results in real time using the app. Fleet managers can confirm the identity of the person providing the breath sample using the facial recognition feature.

A connected technology that sets new boundaries
With reliability guaranteed by full compliance with the European EN 16280* standard for breath alcohol test devices, this smart, accurate and connected breathalyzer uses infrared spectroscopy technology. Thanks to its miniaturized and patented technology, OCIGO is now able to deliver a 4-digit display compliant with all international alcohol measurement units for increased accuracy. Designed and developed in France, OCIGO makes technologies that once cost thousands of euros and were available only to police departments accessible to everyone.
This breathalyzer is also able to detect false positives, and therefore distinguish between residual alcohol in the mouth and that which remains in the blood. OCIGO therefore delivers an exceptionally reliable level of breathalyzer accuracy.

Olythe co-founder Guillaume Nesa: OCIGO finally provides business users with the
ability to monitor the safety of their drivers – and indirectly that of the
wider population – in real time using an accurate dashboard of indicators, and
without stigmatizing fleet drivers
. It also
provides private individuals with a device that meets unprecedented and
professional standards of reliability to ensure their own safety and that of
their family. We are also bringing the same quality of performance offered to
business users within the reach of private individuals who are also responsible
for the safety of their family ».     

Simple, reliable and smart
There are just 3 stages for ensuring driver safety: Breathe out, Check, Advise.
Fully portable, OCIGO can be used as a standalone device with its own integral OLED screen or be connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone.
The free dedicated iOS or Android app is the ideal co-driver for measuring, informing and advising the driver before any driving decision is made. It’s the predictive algorithms it applies to the breath alcohol content measurement that make it possible to predict the alcohol absorption sequence, and therefore how long it will take to return to 0 or below the legal threshold.

The ultimate road safety device
Designed for optimum user convenience, it uses a rechargeable battery with sufficient power to make at least 75 measurements in succession. Its mouthpieces, carry case and USB cable make OCIGO an essential resource to ensure that every decision is the right decision anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect partner for all vehicle users.

A breathalyzer certified compliant with the most demanding European standards
Tested by the French National Metrology Laboratory (the leading certification body for chemical and electronic breath testing devices), OCIGO is fully compliant with the NF EN 16280* standard, and meets all the quality and reliability requirements for marketing in France.

The OCIGO app can be downloaded free from AppleStore and Google Play Store in France, and will very soon be available in many other countries.

French technology has just won a prestigious 2020 CES Health & Wellness
Innovation Award.

OLYTHE will be at CES between January 7 and 10, 2020
CES stand: Sands, Hall G – 50819